Asan N’Jie Wiki: His Life, Career, and Controversies

Asan N’Jie is a British actor known for his roles in television series & films. Despite his talent in acting, he made headlines for his controversial behavior in 2019. In this article, we will delve into Asan N’Jie’s life, career & controversies.

Table of Contents

  • Early Life & Education
  • Acting Career
  • Notable Works
  • Controversies
  • Personal Life
  • Future Projects
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Early Life & Education

Asan N’Jie was born on August 4, 1992, in Leeds, England. He grew up in a family of four siblings & was raised by his mother, a nurse. N’Jie was interested in acting from a young age & participated in school plays.

He studied at the University of Salford, where he earned a degree in Television & Radio. During his time at university, he was also a member of the Drama Society, where he honed his acting skills.

Acting Career

After completing his studies, Asan N’Jie started his acting career in 2015. He appeared in several short films before landing his first television role in 2017.

N’Jie’s breakthrough came in 2018 when he was cast as Ellis Chapman in the British soap opera Emmerdale. He received critical acclaim for his performance, which earned him a nomination for Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards.

Notable Works

Aside from his role in Emmerdale, Asan N’Jie has also appeared in other notable television series & films. These include:

  • “Murdered by My Father” (2016) – TV movie
  • “Doctors” (2017) – TV series
  • “The Athena” (2019) – TV series
  • “Boogie Man” (2021) – Film


In September 2019, Asan N’Jie was caught on camera threatening & using racist language toward another actor, Jamie Lomas, at the TV Choice Awards. The incident caused a media frenzy & N’Jie was subsequently fired from his role in Emmerdale.

N’Jie apologized & took responsibility for his actions, stating that he was “completely out of order.” He also apologized to Lomas & his Emmerdale castmates.

Personal Life

Asan N’Jie prefers to keep his personal life private & there is not much information available about his relationships or family.

Future Projects

After his departure from Emmerdale, Asan N’Jie has continued to work on various acting projects. He has not announced any upcoming projects as of yet.


Asan N’Jie’s career as an actor has been successful & marred by controversy. While his talent is undeniable, his behavior at the TV Choice Awards in 2019 caused him to lose a prominent role in a popular television series. N’Jie has since apologized for his actions & has continued to work on his craft as an actor.

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