Will Shaner Inspiring Story of Perseverance and Dedication in Shooting

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, college student William Shaner of the United States claimed gold in the men’s 10-meter air rifle competition. This made him the second-youngest American to ever win a gold medal in this event.

Shaner has achieved great success at both national and international competitions, earning him numerous awards for his shooting abilities.

What Is Shooti?

William Shaner is a Colorado Springs native who has achieved international renown as an accomplished shooter. He has competed in numerous national and international competitions, winning multiple accolades along the way.

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, he competed in the 10-meter air rifle event and claimed gold with an Olympic record 251.6 points. As such, he became the second-youngest American to win an Olympic medal in this event – adding yet another medal to Team USA’s already impressive medal count thus far in Tokyo.

Shaner’s passion for shooting began at the tender age of eight when he started competing in Colorado 4-H shooting events and quickly rose to star status within the program. Ultimately, he left 4-H behind to pursue his Olympic aspirations, winning several state and local titles along the way as he joined Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where he trained more intensively – inspiring many kids from Garfield County to pursue their shooting aspirations.

Why I Love Shooti

One of my favorite pastimes is watching high-tech demonstrations, so I was delighted when William Shaner, the man with the beard, invited me over on Friday evening for some hands-on techie fun. Our conversation was an informative and delightful lesson on everything from human anatomy to his company’s latest offerings. Having already won over my eagle eyed wife’s heart and mind, I came away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

My Final Thoughts

Shaner, a Colorado native, has been working towards his Olympic dreams since elementary school. He began shooting with the Garfield County 4-H program and at 14 years old achieved Junior National Team membership in the 50 meter rifle prone event.

He then continued on to compete in both national and international events, ultimately earning himself the 10 meter air rifle Olympic gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He became the second youngest American to win an Olympic gold medal and set a new Olympic record with his winning score of 251.6 points. Additionally, he earned first-team All-American recognition from the Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association.

For a college kid, this is an incredible accomplishment and one he was able to accomplish within just a few months. It also marks his best performance since junior year at the University of Kentucky when he was an impressive standout in small-bore shooting and top finisher at the NCAA national championships.

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